Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Florida Trip

The family and i decided to go to Panama City - on the St. Andrews side - on Labor Day weekend. We knew the tropical storm was coming but we went anyway and i'm glad we did. The storm wasn't bad. It didn't rain the enire time like we thought. We may not have gotten any sun or in the ocean but we still walked the beach and got in the pool and did some shopping. A good time was had by all.

The funny story that goes with this trip....ok it wasn't so funny at the time. We were headed back home and stopped in Troy, i believe, to eat at Burger King. Well, i had to tinkle....once done....i couldn't get out of the stall!! Seriously, i locked and unlocked it a hundred times. Even put my shoulder in it. Nothing. I ended up having to crawl under the stall!! I may be short but not short enough in this situation. I had to sit on my butt and almost lay down and pull my way out of the stall. All i could think of is getting somebody's pee on me! I'm such a germaphobe, i probably would've hyperventalated if i had been wet when i got up. Luckily i wasn't. But it was still nasty and i washed my hands till they were raw. haha  And i was mad as a rattlesnack for the next hour.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Review

Well, i haven't had much time to blog about things lately. With my husband working all the time and riley crawling....blogging is at the bottom of my priority list. While Riley is asleep, i'll try to update you the best i can.

First, Riley is 1 year old as of July 7. We had his birthday party at Wind Creek under one of the pavillions. Obviously the weather can't be predicted exactly so....it rained. But after we ate and openned gifts it stopped so we got to swim anyway! Riley LOVES to swim so he had a good time!
One of his 1yr Photos

 Birthday Party Pics

Secondly, we came in 9th place in softball....out of 11 teams. Not a very good record but that's ok. We had fun and we hope to do better next season. I did manage to get injured in almost every game...so it seemed. Got hit twice in the same knee....i'll probably have an ugly scar there, as well as my elbow. And i have two ugly, but fadding, bruises on my leg. Riley even got to join us at the field a time or two.

Here's Papaw and Riley at the field

Thirdly, Randy has been working so much we haven't had time to have much fun at all. No kayaking, no camping....only been to the creek/lake a couple times. So not much to show on this front.

Fourthly, i'm still jobless. Well, i have a home job but no regular "out of the home" job. I LOVE being home with riley but having a little extra money would be nice too. So i'm still looking.

Fithly, with Randy working all the time, our "to do" list has grown significantly. Riley got a swingset from his grandparents and we're still working on getting it put up. Well, Randy and his dad are. I'm waiting for it to quit raining long enough to put water sealant on the porch. I actually put some on it today and its currently raining. ARGH! I also need to finish washing the house which turned into a much larger chore than i had previously thought. Granted, i only have 2 hours a day (when riley takes his nap) to get anything done. We also have gates to put up on the porch so Riley dont fall down the steps...especially when he starts walking. I've been putting magnets on cabinets i prefer Riley not get into (ones that wont hurt him if he does). I've also sprayed for bugs, etc recently. So, my time spent at home has been productive....although very slow since i have a child to take care of and can't be out in the heat long.

That's all i have for now. And by the looks of it, it was enough! haha

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello Amelia!!

Randy and I usually take a nice long vacation once a year. Usually to the smoky mountains. This year money has been a little tight with me not having a job, so I was so thrilled that we were able to visit his relatives on Amelia Island (close to Jacksonville) for Memorial Weekend. We actually left on Thursday morning and came back on Monday.

Thursday was basically just us relaxing after a 6 hour drive (maybe a little longer since we stopped to eat). Riley did very well on the way down there. He slept and watched TV, etc and got fussy only when it was time to eat anyway. Well, he did get fussy when he had a dirty diaper and we had to stop and a service station.
Friday, Randy, Riley and I went to visit Fort Clinch State Park on the island. It is very similar to St. Andrews State Park. There is camping, fishing, swimming and a playground. We didn’t spend much time here but I hope to do some swimming In this area next time we visit.  We also visited the beach briefly that day (without Riley).

On Saturday, Randy’s dad, Randy and I got up before the sun and went to the beach down the road to look for shark teeth. I mostly found seashells but Randy did find a shark tooth. Unfortunately, he broke it when he sat on it. We also played 18 holes of golf…..of course. And later we got in the pool with Riley. He loved it and it wore him out!

Sunday was our last full day.  Riley and a couple of the other guys went to play 27 holes of golf. I can barely make 18 holes so I opted out. Instead, the ladies went shopping. When we got back, the ladies and Randy went to the beach to hang out for a little while.  Riley went back to the house with the ladies so that Randy and I could spend time together alone. Of course, I had to get some sunset pictures and then we went to a restaurant on the beach to eat alone. Very nice. Then we went back to the house and got in the pool alone.

A good time was had by all. And i'm so sad to see her go. But alas, Amelia Island, we will be visiting again one day....hopefully soon. Till then, i bid her a farewell.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Riley's 1st Hospitalization

What started out just cold like symptoms on Wednesday, turnd into something way more Thursday night. Riley woke up breathing and wheezing very hard and was lathargic. After cleaning his nose, changing his diaper and feeding him, he started acting better but he still had an awful rattling in his hard breathing. Got a Doctor's appt as soon as i could that morning. And as soon as the doctor heard him, the nurse checked his oxygen level and it was only 91. It should be between 95 and 100 with 98 being the norm. So she performed a breathing treatment on him which made his oxygen level go up but it didn't stay up so he sent us to the hospital.

As soon as we got to the 3rd floor of RMC, the nurses had already gotten the paperwork and a phone call from the doctor's office and Riley's room was ready and waiting. They put oxygen on him right away. Then they did chest xrays and a breathing treatment and checked other vitals before hooking him up with an IV. Luckily he had good veins in his hand and it didn't take but on time and it was quick. Although Riley didn't cry too hard. I believe he was to exhausted.

We performed breathing treatments on him every 4 hours all night Friday night and gave him a sterioid.

The doctors, Tauro and Tyler both checked on him Friday. He was so sick. He didn't feel good at all. But he had a lot of visitors. Both grandparents came to visit him.

Saturday you could see a great improvement in his overall behavior. Again, he had visits from his grandparents, great grandparents, and some aunts and uncles. He collected a few toys too which made us very grateful since he got to feeling better and was a little more active and harder to control in a small space. He had no room to crawl around. He just had the length of the bed. The nurses loved him though. And Dr Tyler checked on him twice. By Saturday evening he looked much better and even had the oxygen taken off. And the breathing treatments went from every 4 hours to every 8 hours. Unfortunatley, all the meds had made Riley a little "wired" and he wouldn't go to sleep Saturday night.  It took me over an hour to get him to sleep. Then he woke up an hour later. And a few more times after that. And was completely done sleeping by 5:30am.
Sunday morning, Dr Tauro checked on him and discharged him from the hospital. His oxygen level had remained 99 and 100 even after the oxygen had been off all night. And to be honest....most of the night and day before cause it was extremely hard to keep it on him. And it was a good thing because i'm not sure i could handle him confined to a bed. He was acting almost like his usual self. And it was very hard to entertain him. The nurse even had to come in and untange his IV due to all the rolling around on the bed. He did real well with the nurse taking out the IV. But he did cough so much that he vomitted all over the bed. But we were leaving anyway. haha  Riley has a follow up appointment Friday.

If your wondering what happened to poor little Riley...well...i'll give you the answer that both doctors gave me. They ruled out pneumonia and RSV. They said it could've been anything from change in the weather, to something blooming outside that triggered his breathing problem and low oxygen level. One doctor even mentioned the tornadoes blowing things around in the air. I hadn't thought about that. Although my little man will be on meds for a while,  he is doing just fine.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My 1st "Official" Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, I think about how blessed I am. I have a wonderful mother who has taught me right from wrong, and who brought me up in a loving Christian home. Even as a grown woman and mother myself, my momma still tries to help steer me in the right direction. We have always been close and I consider her one of my best friends. We do things together and tell each other everything. We have always had an open honest relationship that I will cherish forever. Not everyone shares a close bond with their mother like I do, and for that I am truly thankful. I LOVE YOU MOMMA! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

I want to take a moment to send my condolences to those who have lost their mother. I cannot fathom what that must feel like and I pray it’s a long time before I ever find out.

I am also very thankful for such a wonderful mother-in-law. My MIL is certainly no “Monster in law” like some I have heard stories about. From day one, she has tried to make me feel comfortable in her home. She treats me like one of her own children. She is down to earth, easy to talk to, and very helpful. THANK YOU AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MRS. EDNA!

And lastly, I feel so overwhelmed with emotion at being a mother myself. The Lord loved us before he ever knew us. And I can now relate, as I loved my son while I carried him in the womb. It’s so surreal to love somebody you have never met. And now at 10 months old I love him even more. Being a mom is such a wonderful, albeit trying, experience. I am so grateful that the Lord decided to entrust me with such an important role. I pray for guidance, understanding, patience and compassion as I try to raise my son to be a “family” man. A man that will be one of my best friends. And most importantly as a Godly man of faith. I LOVE YOU DAVID RILEY CARLTON! AND I AM SO BLESSED TO BE YOUR MOTHER!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Walmart Service Center - ARGH!!

I'm not one to write bad things about people or companies but today has just been one of those days that makes me want to at least warn others about Walmart Service Center. Randy took his truck in to have tires swapped on his truck. He has a set of "hunting" tires and "regular" tires. He also wanted an oil change. What we got was no swapping of tires and a dead battery. They didn't change the tires because Randy has a ball joint going out or something. And they left his door ajar so it ran down his battery. We talked to the manager but he said the "machine" showed that the battery needed replacing anyway and it was basically a "coincidence" that the battery went out while at walmart. I'm not real bright but he couldn't proove that, yet he still refused to pay for us a new battery. Now, i understand people make mistakes and i wasn't mad about that but i do expect people to make things right. Anyway, we didn't have a choice but buy a battery....and from THEM. One of the workers caught up to us as we were leaving and basically apologized about the tires not getting done. He said he was at lunch or he would've done it. They were just too lazy to do it. He said next time to ask specifically for him. Thank you Al! We are aware too that we're not the only ones with complaints and he's made those known to management so maybe something will be done. But for now.....i think i'll stick with going to people i know that will get the job done and done right. I am, however, very proud of my hubby for getting his point across but not losing his temper. :)